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Business Law

When you are searching a firm that understands the business law in the Richmond area, Gunlicks Law LC has you covered. I strive to help business owners protect their assets and succeed in their endeavors. Whether you run a restaurant, a software startup, or a large corporation, you'll benefit from my valuable guidance.

Get Ahead

Navigating the legal aspects of a business can be intimidating, but I'll do my best to make everything as clear as possible. If you are starting a new company, I'll assist you in the process of making the agreements necessary to protect your interests. For clients at any stage in the game, I offer business planning solutions, strategic planning services, representation during mergers and acquisitions, and any ongoing support they might need.

If you need a firm that practices business law in Richmond, VA, consider Gunlicks Law LC. Give me a call today to discuss what I can do for you.
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